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Learn how to heal your body to reduce your symptoms 
and transform your life!

Have you been in a cycle of chasing your symptoms? Trying different protocols and supplements that sort of help but never resolve the underlying issue? Are you feeling frustrated because no matter what you try you are still struggling?

Do you experience..

Hormone imbalances
PMS / heavy periods / skipped periods
Poor sleep
Energy crashes & fatigue
Brain fog
Skin issues
Weight struggles
 Joint pain & inflammation
Mood swings / anxiety / depression
Frequent headaches or migraines
Muscle weakness or aches 
Bloating / constipation / diarrhea
 Insulin resistance  

Imagine if.. 

◈ You have consistent energy every day
◈ You no longer experience digestive distress.. goodbye bloat, constipation and more! 
◈ You have an understanding of your body's needs
◈ You no longer experienced PMS
◈ You have balanced hormones
◈ Your moods are stable
◈ You have clarity and stamina
◈ Your mentally and emotionally healthy
◈ You are pain free
◈ Your symptoms are under control! 

Welcome to Wellness in Balance

A root cause approach to healing your body and transforming your life. 

What you'll receive...

⟢ 4 months of private coaching  
 Bioindividual recommendations 
HTMA report and analysis
 Foundational education 
 Weekly 60-min calls 
 Daily support and accountability 
 Mindset & nervous system techniques  
Nutritional guidance
 Lifestyle and stress management 
 Supplement recommendations 
My support every step of the way! 

This is your path to long term healing!

This program is for you if you are...

◈ Seeking the path to health wellness 
◈ Motivated to put in the required work
◈ Committed to taking 100% responsibility of yourself
◈ Excited for change and willing to do whatever it takes
◈ Eager to invest in your health 
◈ Willing to let go of patterns that no longer serve you
◈ Ready to thrive

 Let me share two hard truths with you:

Your body will never heal in the environment it became unwell in.
You can't heal a body you hate.

Now is the time to make the necessary change!

Hi, I'm Christine!

I know how frustrating health struggles can be. I also know how rewarding it is to take charge of your health. 

I wouldn't be where I am today if I hadn't gone through my own struggles. Many times I chose the path that would give me the quickest results. The eat less / move more approach that includes food restriction and excess HIIT workouts. At times, yes, this led to some desired weight loss, but long term it left me feeling like sh*t. My symptoms included headaches, fatigue, acne, sore boobs, unstable moods, excessive irritability, heavy periods & cramping, consistent body tightness, daily energy crashes, bloating, constipation, weight gain, low libido and more that I can’t even keep track of. Unfortunately, this bandaid approach was not one of true healing.

Through my own journey and education I have learned to look beyond the surface at what is going on. When the body shows symptoms, it typically means underlying issues have been manifesting for quite some time. I know what the body needs to heal and thrive. 

Let's uncover why you are experiencing your symptoms so you can live the life you deserve to live! 

What clients are saying:

Are you ready become the best version of you?

Join Wellness in Balance now!

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